What's with the aversion of adding literally anything a shitter could utilize at all?

Do we have that big of a shitter issue? Is there a new shitter that plays for the first time every day or something? Why am I not seeing this apparent shittery? 

In SS13 this isn’t an issue. Most roles in SS13 have or can obtain incredibly robust weapons.

Botanists for example can very easily mutate death nettles and then maximize their potency to become a 2 hit crit weapon. (And I still die defending myself from antags with these.) They can also easily engineer super kudzu that mutates all over the place, explodes shit, and spawns venus human-trap ghost roles that snatch people and chomp em to death. 

Guess what, I haven’t seen any shittery happen with these on non-antags. 

I bet if someone wanted to add this to SS14, they’d get slapped in the face and responded to with “But shitters will go around self antagging with this!” and “Normal crew shouldn’t have access to overpowered weapons!” as if admins weren’t a thing.

Another example is Chaplain, who literally has a holy weapon (null rod) that makes them immune to all magic as long is they have it anywhere in their possession, which they can transform into one of many unique forms with different upsides and downsides. They also get a selection of various suits of holy armor that have equal armor stats to full riot gear. And the thing is, this doesn’t make a huge difference. The null rod is a good weapon, although it does lower damage compared to other weapons possessed by antags and security, as well as some other jobs later on in the round. 

I remember asking about when we’d get null rods, and coders were telling me chaplains shouldn’t have “overpowered shitter validhunter gear”, meanwhile on SS13 I do not see chaplains running around killing antags or being a shitter. If there’s a cult, wizard, revenant, or heretic, then the chaplain is more likely to try killing them (since their job is to deal with supernatural threats and they are the best equipped to counter them) even with these counters though, these magic antags still have the upper hand in most situations due to having strength in numbers, better gear, or both.

So why are we scared of adding fun to the game?


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Anyway, legit though. You may have not seen others use a death nettle to fuck others over with, but it can happen.

Just cause you haven’t seen it usually doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

Also, null rod what

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Also, null rod what

The null rod is a holy weapon that SS13 Chaplain has, it makes you immune to magic and it’s about on par with a circular saw you can print at an autolathe.

Bruh. The chap doesn’t have shit ss13 shit? Literally unplayable of I can’t have my knight armor and null sword


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giving every job validhunter gear or robust weapons and round ending options is a tired method of balancing things

i mean wizden is not the only server which adds content to the game, ru community has a lot of fun stuff, you just need to wait for some other eu or us servers to create lots of fun content for eng speaking community 

On 2/7/2024 at 9:33 AM, lonesoldier55 said:

giving every job validhunter gear or robust weapons and round ending options is a tired method of balancing things

>null rod
>about on par with a circular saw
>“robust weapons”
>“round ending options”
i get botany but chappy? i dont see an issue