When is it NOT ok for command (esp CAP and HOP) to have a sec belt [LRP]

I have played a lot of rounds without being questioned about wearing a sec belt as CAP/HOP. But today I got bowinked for it.
I would like clarification on this. eg. It’s not ok on green, but it’s ok on blue/red, is ok when you ask HOS and he allows? etc…

A previous rule clarification has specified an answer to this, though for the sake of elaboration I will provide more context. 
Previous Clarification: 


The reason this is not permitted is two-fold.

  1. It often results in Heads acting as Mini-Heads of Security, So much so that we even have terms like HoPCurity. 
    This removes the player from the duties of the role they are playing and puts them in a much more combative state often reffered to as Valid-Hunting.

We call this “Valid-hunting” because it is a player who’s job is not to seek out threats, looking for a reason to attack said threats. This often comes around because these players incorrectly assume that because they have the tools to act as security, that they are allowed to do so.

The flip-side of this, is that it removes gameplay from the Security Department, it makes it less fun for the players who have signed up to deal with the threats in the round. and feels awful for the antagonists who shouldn’t have to watch their back for a fully kitted out Head of Personel, chief engineer or Chief medical officer. 

  1. The act of aquiring this equipment also falls under the Powergaming rules. 


The heads of staff other than the Head of Security have no need for Cuffs, Batons, Flashbangs, Security Webbing and belts, Nor do they have a solid reason to request them most of the time. 

The only time someone in command has any real reason to make use of this equipment is if Security has fallen, Nuclear operatives have made their presence known, Or a Mass outbreak of zombies has occured. 

If an attempt has been made on the life of a specific head, it may be reasonable to request an upgrade to their defensive equipment in the form of a disabler, however this does not give them the right to begin chasing down antagonists. 

The purpose of defensive equipment is to delay or deter a threat from continuing their assualt, and buy time for the defending party to escape or seek help. 

By using this equipment to go on the hunt for antagonists, the player in question regardless of their role is therefor Validhunting. 

To conclude this, The reasons that heads are not permitted to attain this gear short of these explicit reasons is to prevent a slew of other rules issues, as well as to further benefit the round of both Security, and Antagonists.

Thank you for your elaboration. That makes sense for all non-sec heads, in my eyes, but I do have to wonder about the Captain. Isn’t it their job to keep the station functional? I would expect it to be reasonable for a captain to have some security equipment since they are the top chain of security themselves. They even spawn with disablers, and many bridges have cuffs in them.

The captain’s job is to organise the running of the station. Not to actively partake in Security’s duties. 

They are a figurehead, Advisor and leader. 
They have their own equipment for their own personal defense. 

I understand, thank you again.