Who can recognize the voice of a Holoparasites?

Is recognizing the voice of a Holoparasite allowed, if…

a) … they are whispering, and far away, or through a wall?

b) … they are close in proximity, or talking clearly at a distance? [Use of Local, instead of whispering]

c) … I am in a security or commanding position?

Most definetly no for a), it would make it impossible to talk to your holo unless you got EVA and you’re in space, far away.
b), if you mean they talk in local in the middle of a hallway, yes, you can probably recognize the voice of the holo and call them out for being a syndicate agent.
c), I suppose security/command would get special training for recognizing holoparasite voices.


On both LRP and MRP, anyone is allowed to recognize any voice that the game tells them they recognize. Players are free to self enforce stricter rules, they may pretend to not recognize a voice that it would not make sense for them to recognize IC, especially on MRP. Mechanical changes to improve the identity system for voices would probably be welcome, especially by MRP players.