Will201066 ban appeal after 2 months

SS14 account username: will201066

Ban reason: Appears to have randomly attacking as remi along with trying to break people out of perma. DCed before they could be contacted. please appeal at forums.ss14.io to explain 

Date of ban:  1/16/2023 AEST

Length of ban: appeal only ban 

Events leading to the ban: so i just joined the sever and didn’t have a lot of time on my hands so i wanted to be a unimportant ghost role then i saw remi so i picked remi to help chaplain but chaplain said i was allowed to free roam so i did then got stuck in cargo and had to wait after that i was thirsty so i started saying stuff and attacked a vending machine showing i wanted a drink then QM saw me and gave me a soda then i roamed a bit more and went into sec  then i saw the same qm getting arrested and so i attacked sec for a bit then some regular passenger helped sec to kill me and after a while i got killed. After that i became remi again and chaplain told me i could free roam if i wished so i did then went straight to sec and went in it assaulting the sec officers and that passenger i was hit badly and remembered there was bicard in med bay so i went into med bay and ate some bicard then ssd there after i came back i saw the passenger the same one that helped sec attack me on a medical bed sleeping and time was running out so i did one final tomfooly and bit him he woke up and i got killed then i had to go for reasons so i left the game a minute after i died

reason the ban should be removed: its been two month and i am very sorry for assaulting those 3 poor security guards doing their job and that 1 passenger trying to stop me i have wasted there time and medical supplies and i am very sorry for that also i now will not skip ghost rules and other rules that have been brought to me and only play the game when i have time so I don’t make such foolish decisions. I understand why i was hit with a appeal only banned with no warning and it was the right decision on the mods part and i will never ever do the same mistake again i again now wont skip over the ghost rules and other rules that come and i hope you understand and have a great day. 

Denied due to ban evasion attempts after the ban was applied.

You may only appeal this ban with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server and only after six months from your last evasion attempt (only after July 29, 2023). The voucher should be from the administrative team of a well known or at least decently active SS13/SS14 server and should be indicative of at least a few months of playtime.

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