SS14 account: winterdarkraven
Character name: Mark Vella
When should the ban occur: Now
Your side of the story: Mark tried getting me into SS13, and he failed when the jittery movement gave me motion sickness. He thinks that just because we incremented it to SS14, there would be a slither of a chance. Maybe if it was coded in Unity, I’d say fair enough, but the moment I saw ‘Byond Account’, I knew it was a lost cause.
Why you think he should be banned: He’ll finally stop mentioning space station. I won’t have to watch dumbass videos like this over discord anymore.
Anything else we should know: I don’t play on this server, and I don’t even play this game. But I swear if Mark comes to me one more fucking time to tell me to play any bloody space station 13 variant, you’ll all be fucking sorry.


come on dude the videos not that bad

The game isn’t coded in unity, it has a custom 2D game engine

Also this isn’t a ban appeal.
See ya.

Also none of you have ever logged into the game???

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals