Wizard station ban

SS14 account: Some_Dude
Byond account: 
Character name: Greg.
When was the ban: Probably during 20th - 24th between their. the server i was on was Lizard
Your side of the story: normally on the weekend i get off about 11pm - 12pm i feel i am response                                                                                                                                                    Why you think you should be unbanned: I feel like i should be unbanned cause i could’ve been told to stop when it first began but i feel as if since it was only my first offense and i wasn’t warned ahead of time when i normal i get of at 11 to 12pm i couldn’t of know cause their was no noise to signal that i was getting a message from admin.
i will help people with their things they need help with, my ban was fair but i wasn’t alerted about it until i tried to join today and didn’t know until finally loading in i was hardware banned. i feel that this was my own fault so i think it is fair that i should be banned but not permanent banned at least give me a chance to redeem myself.
Anything else we should know: i feel i could’ve been warned when i started to stop or given the alert that an admin was messaging me.
appeal, include it here.

[Banning Admin Username] - It doesn’t show me the name its just a hardware ban.

Ok sorry quick note my name isn’t Some_Dude

Its Some_Random

I laughed when I figured out that the name you put down here is a combination of the banned account and the account you used to try to ban evade 10 minutes ago.

i know its an alt

but i don’t play on it was a random account i made when i got frustrated when i was dead and wanted to play as a normal player.

Ok. Care to explain why you tried to evade with it?

i didn’t like that rounds could last up to an hour but i soon became ok with being dead. i feel what ever i deserve is ok with me and anyone who reads this.


if you want i will take the permanent ban i did not follow the rules and should’ve came to know by now i need to listen

Admin messages do have an alert. A loud, startling one at that.

This ban has stood for three days. I want an acknowledgement that you will read the ghost role rules the game presents you next time.

Thank you moon I’m sorry for what I did and will read the rules next time no matter what reason I have to not

6 minutes ago, moony said:

Admin messages do have an alert. A loud, startling one at that.

Also one more thing I didn’t know that I thought that was a clown noise before hand I think i heard it but just thought it was the clowns


Unbanned. Do not alt again, and be absolutely certain to read the rules for a ghost role before taking it.

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