Wizard's Den ban appeal (Game ban)

Hi there. My internet handle is SpaceJump and I got banned from the Wizard’s Den server where I typically play as a medical officer, to heal people, or botany, to feed people, or engineering, to power the things that feed and heal people. About fifteen minutes ago I made the mistake of calling a security officer, (Rigby Yoggins) a Faggot while he beat me and some other botanists for protesting his attempts to search us and handcuff us. I now realize that I should not have used such a hurtful slur even while I was drunk and angry at the security officers that were so humbly and bravely doing their job. From this ban on the internet game Space Station 14 I have learned my lesson and will not use such hurtful words ever again due to how they affect the feelings of those around me that also play the internet game Space Station 14. Please unban me I actually really do like this game and I really get along with players of all departments but security and every once in a while, Atmos.

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