Worzey - Game Ban Appeal [Attempted Ban Evasion]

SS14 account: Worzey

Character name: pretty sure it is named Alin Silvar 

Type of Ban: Game Ban Appeal Only

Date of Ban and Duration: i think it started at Wednesday and was about to end up at Friday, but then i got the other one

Reason for Ban: Attempted Ban Evasion

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]

Your side of the story: i got two different bans, the first one was: When i was firstly playing the game and learning about the machanics slowly, i don’t remember how, but i died and became a ‘‘Hungry rat’’, i kept coming back to kitchen and there was a guy putting rats on the microwave everytime, and he kept putting me on it, i didn’t understand the reason why, or, what was his job and what was he doing in kitchen, since he did not even make food when i was watching it, and as i remember in my vision he kept leaving the kitchen to go to others place to find rats and keep doing it making the kitchen all bloody, at some point of it i see that i was capable of being remillia, i don’t know if it was my first time being it, i used it to go to him and see what he was doing, found him and he say for me to follow him, that he would show something cool, he brings me to kitchen, and he was attempting to make me go close enough to microwave to put me in there again i think, even if it was just a random remillia in his vision instead of another rat, i got mad cause thats the only thing i see him  doing the entire time instead of like, cooking or something if he was the chef, i kept attacking him and tried killing him, something happened while it and i escaped to somewhere with other person attempting to kill me, i think i died, and after some time just left
as the attempted ban evasion, i got nervous that i would not have anything to do in my free time during the ban duration and tried using other account, as it got the same ban message i gave up and was kind of scared to get permaban so i waited for the ban to end, when today, i attempted to join and i see that i was banned for attempted ban evasion

Why you think you should be unbanned: I’m sorry for the mistakes i did when learning more of how the game worked and about the guy i attacked because i was angry, i really liked the game and wanted to keep playing it, i’m learning more about it using videos and asking people about how the game works, so i can do better if i can get to play on it again

Anything else we should know:  i don’t know when i got attempted ban evasion after i used other account to try to play it again, so if theres some error on the time, i’m sorry about it, i didn’t know i would have to make a ban appeal post since i just came back to join it when the first ban time was over, i don’t know if i did something wrong when giving the informations so once again sorry if theres any error

The tolerance for ban evasion at Wizard’s Den is zero. You may only appeal this ban in six months (04/30/2023) from your last evasion attempt and only with a voucher of good behavior from another server. Denied.

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