Xecom543-Banned for joining coup

Ban reason:

Length of ban: Indefinite

Events leading to the ban:

I was part of salv team, we did normal shift and gather enough mats and loot. Time by time we keep hearing message and announcement about revolt in radio and we think there is Revolutionary. So we go back to station to make sure [we going back so we could protect Qm], but then Qm ordered bunch of armor and guns and order us to arms up. I was being confused that time because why would Qm do that? [i seriously don’t know anything about what going on with cap and hos and security] so i am just following them with other cargo tech and salvage specialist to raid security. I am still confused but enjoyed the event/vibe so i am just there as part of supply crew and following order from the head of supply.

Reason the ban should be removed:

I have no idea which side is right or wrong, i am just a crew not a boss.

Your ban has been lifted as enough time has elapsed for it to similar in length to a temporary ban.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals