XenomorphsMate/HexMoth -Metacomming / Metafriending-

Reason for ban: Metacomming, with video evidence (Deleted the video out of shame but I’m sure one of the admins have it lol)

Length of ban: Permanent 

Leading up to the ban: First game as detective and I thought that it would be easier to learn from my friend (Ambassadorpast) how to play detective because I find a lot of the forensic evidence a little confusing, I asked him to call so he could teach me how to play because they play Detective quite a bit. we ended up just playing the entire match without leaving the call, the video in question showed Ambassadorpast and I chasing after someone who was wanted, calling out where he was hiding, chasing him down and killing him since he attacked us. this was the first time we ever metacommed and last. we sometimes are partners in the game but we just use in game chat, the only other times I’m in a call while playing space station 14 is when nobody in the call is playing space station and its just me.

Reason for the ban to be removed: Won’t do it again, I could’ve easily just watched a video that explained it, but I definitely wont be Metacomming after this, and if needed I can stick away from Ambassadorpast if he does appeal if being partners even while using in game chat is a problem, I hope this is enough to resolve the ban but if not I understand.

Also why I changed my name is because I was embarrassed about my last name for obvious reasons, didn’t expect anyone to see it lmao.

Also following the Silent detective gear trading, we joked that we were gonna be Sherlock and Watson, didn’t think it would be an issue because we were both security.

Also regarding the clip I just felt really proud that I immediately found out he was hiding in the trash Lmao

From Ban Appeals to Game Servers

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to remove the ban.
Appeal Accepted - Ban Removed.

Added appeal-accepted, appeal-server-ban and removed appeal-pending

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