Yathima: asked to get myself banned about a year ago

Ban reason: My main account is banned on the server (account name was aythameitor) because i asked for it
Length of ban: Perma
Events leading to the ban: I got tilted really hard, mixed my own personal problems with the game, something that i have worked on this whole year and i acted like a moron, ended up asking for a perma ban to not join anymore
Reason the ban should be removed: As you can see, i would like to join again, i have worked on my feelings this year and now i know how to deal with stress better so yeah, there is not really much here, i have changed as a person and i dont want to make someone pay for my problems again, the game was nice, i had fun, but its okay if the ban gets rejected, thanks anyway c:

You self-requested a “permaban with no chance to appeal” and furthermore attempted to ban evade that. This is on top of the numerous significant issues we had during your short playtime. Denied.

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