YEETED_DELETED I was banned for "dismantling the ert shuttle for litterally no reason"

Character name:bobo zobo
Type of Ban:game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: duration 2880 time of ban 30 september
Reason for Ban: dismantling ert shuttle for no reason"
Server you were playing on when banned: wizard den lizard  
Your side of the story: the things i help with/do for the server
I am a  good medical officer a good sec officer and warden a good engineer and a good cargo technician
my side of the story why i did what i did: the reason why i dismantled the ship was because it was the end  of the round so i thought its 1 minute left so i migh t aswell everyone does it at the end of the round

Round ends when the round end menu pops up. Not a moment sooner, as stated in rule 1.


Just because the shuttle has departed does not mean the round is over. Standard rules still apply until the round summary screen pops up.


In retrospect, your ban, according to our policy, should’ve been appeal-only. I didn’t make it that way. I probably should’ve, but I’m not going to go back and change it.

This appeal is denied. You need to wait it out. Understand that your next offense will result in an appeal only ban.

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