Yoda Laheyhoo - Banned for "abusing" ahelp

SS14 account: YodaLaheyhoo

Character name: Yoda Laheyhoo
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Appeal Only
Reason for Ban: Trying to abuse ahelp as retaliation on the person who ended their murder spree
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: The ban reason doesn’t really make sense as i was never on a murder spree as the admin puts it. The only thing I did was run into the command area of the shuttle was asked to leave I said “no i don’t wanna” then when the shuttle launched the CMO dropped his fire axe so I picked it up and ran. The CMO chased me and injected me with a bunch of things in an attempt to kill me. Then I hit him a few times in retaliation because of that but he ended up winning so I reported him for killing me because it seemed like overkill.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I’m honestly not sure why I was banned. I don’t consider what I did abusing ahelp as I was genuinely confused as to why the CMO thought killing me was the best course of action just because I picked up his axe.
Anything else we should know: As I said the ban reason doesn’t really make sense to me as I did not commit any kind of murder spree. The only person I killed was a sec officer well before I was killed by the CMO because he was being rude which I know I shouldn’t do and for that I’m sorry but I didn’t commit a murder spree as this admin has put it and a permanent ban for a first time offense seems like a harsh punishment

Just wondering if I could get an update on this appeal and make a correction.

When I said first time offense, this isn’t my first time getting a permanent ban, however the previous ban was for an unrelated topic and I was un-banned after I was able to explain myself further.

Apologies for the delay, with everyone settling in for the Thanksgiving holiday stateside it’s taking a bit longer than usual to process the more complex ahelps. Your appeal will be addressed once we’ve reached a conclusion.

Thank you so much for the reply.

I totally forgot about Thanksgiving because I live in Canada and we had ours in October lol.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Going to completely ignore the ahelp allegation that you were originally banned for because that is still being discussed internally, but also because I find your actions in this round fascinating for all the wrong reasons.

I did a bit of reviewing/“piecing the round together” based off of logs (primarily your interactions and the interactions of your victim who happened to be a security officer). Going to recap the story based on what the logs are telling me. You’re welcome to provide your side of things for contextual purposes. Before I start, bear in mind this all took place over the span of about 15 minutes, from when you joined until your ahelp after being killed.

You joined this game as a passenger and within moments, proceeded to arm up with the warden’s tacit approval, due to a supposed nukie threat. For the sake of argument, I will assume the nukie threat was real, or at the very least actionable enough to open the armory to general crew. You arm up with a sec suit, laser rifle, Kammerer (shotgun), a box worth of shotgun shells, the works. You’re probably packing just as much heat as the nukies would be as a single passenger. A few minutes goes by, you then proceed to cop an attitude when other security officers basically ask you to return the gear. For clarity’s sake, by this point you had not fired a single shot nor taken a single lick of damage, so I am going to proceed under the assumption that the threat had passed, meaning sec requesting the gear back was well within their right to do.

Instead of relinquishing the gear and avoiding the whole problem, you were overly combative over this and ultimately ended up gunning down the security officer who kept trying to remove your equipment, thus choosing to be an active threat. I would like to assume security detained you at that point, given your line “Okay, now you can arrest me”. Again, all within 15 minutes.

Operating under the assumption that you chose to be an active threat at that point, and that security has two braincells and communicated over radio that you just shot someone, why wouldn’t the CMO have reason to believe you were going to go for broke with the axe you just picked up/stole (depending on perspective) and then choose to obliterate your shit at the first possible moment?

I was never combative with security at the very start and was very willing to hand over my gear if the warden/HoS stated that the Nukie threat had passed.

The security guard that originally asked me to return the gear was the one who would not listen and kept trying to detain me despite me being fully willing and co-operative. There were other security guards there that were even telling the guard to just leave me alone because I was being co-operative, which I’m sure you can find in the log as well.

I can see how this might paint me in a bad light under the right circumstances however.

It is also my understanding that the CMO does not have access to the sec radio channel, however I might be wrong about that as I’ve never played as the CMO before, in that case I can see how he would react the way he did.

As for the part where I said okay you can arrest me now, that was in response to me killing the officer, which again as I stated in the original appeal I do apologize for and it was an over-reaction on my part.

However I was never detained for that as the emergency shuttle had already arrived and the officer let me go as he was the one agreeing with me that the other officer was being a “dick” as he put it.

That is why when the CMO killed me, I believed it was an over-reaction on his part, much like me killing the security officer was.

Hey YodaLaheyhoo,

This is a tricky ban for us to handle. Primarily we take issue with the blatant over-escalation into shooting a security officer to death who was well within his right to try and get the dangerous armory equipment back from you. You are not “fully willing and cooperative” if you resist security’s actions and then ultimately shoot them to death for trying to get the gear back. This is part of the reason why people don’t like giving guns out to the crew for any reason.

You then both inserted yourself into the command area of the shuttle and stole a head of staff’s fire axe and tried to book it. This was after it was probably fairly well known that you shot a security officer to death over a disagreement. We think the escalation here by the head of staff is not too far out of line for what was going on at the time.

This ban is more centered around the self-antagonism then it is the ahelp relay. In either case, our consensus is to accept this appeal and lift your ban. You’ll be under scrutiny as far as escalation is concerned.

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