Yoi_Ishiya Wizards den ban

SS14 account username: You_Ishiya

Ban reason: Writing down and faxing transphobic quotes

Date of ban: 2/26/2023

Length of ban: Appears peremenant

Events leading to the ban: [Okay i realize now i messed up badly, i was browning quotes bored and using the fax. I will list the quote which i musnderstood. “It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that trans-inclusive language is inclusive in one direction only. It aims at removing all obstacles to using the words ‘woman’ and ‘female’ for any male who wants them, without requiring any special accommodation for females who wish to identify into maleness or manhood.”

― Helen Joyce, Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality

I did not understand at the time their views as i was quoting many books via fax, i probably should have read further as i learned that this is transphobic and that the author is too. I know this isnt an excuse but here is all the quoted people that i faxed.

Helen Joyce Quotes (Author of Trans) (goodreads.com)

Gender Trouble Quotes by Judith Butler (goodreads.com)

Surveillance Quotes (163 quotes) (goodreads.com)

Max Weber Quotes (Author of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism) (goodreads.com)

Robert K. Merton Quotes (Author of Social Theory and Social Structure) (goodreads.com)

Friedrich Engels Quotes (Author of Socialism) (goodreads.com)

Nick Land Quotes (Author of Fanged Noumena) (goodreads.com)

Slavoj Žižek Quotes (Author of The Sublime Object of Ideology) (goodreads.com)

Reason the ban should be removed: This was a big mistake on my part, i am very intoxicated and should have read more about the author, i misunderstood the quote i posted and should have though before i posted it.I dont expect to be unbanned id like this to not be permanent i have only have one prior ban for one day in the past. I have 1800 hours in this game and i did not intend to be transphobic even though i cant change what happened i am sorry to anyone who was upset or offended by this.


Given that it looks like this wasn’t malicious in nature, this appeal will be accepted. As you have another previous ban for being an idiot, we recommend that you refrain from playing the game while drunk

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