YourNansTeethAreBrown - Exploding welder fuel tanks "intentionally"

Ban reason: Intentional rule breaking, talking about intentional rule breaking in ahelp, blowing up welding tanks repeatedly.
Length of ban: ban until appeal
Events leading to the ban: First was a chat with an admin asking why I blew a welding tank up which I responded saying “I didn’t know you could do that” FYI I have under 100 hours in game and I genuinely didn’t know you could detonate welding tanks with a welding tool activated. Second was a accident in maints above cargo as a QM with a welder on and I tried refueling, which (no surprise) exploded the welding tank again. (These events had happened a day apart) Then the third time was today which was the exact same issue I had with the second occurrence, I tried refueling and I accidentally left the welding tool activated. After having a speak with the admin I continued the conversation asking about what would happen If I had done it once more, getting a response directly saying it would be a ban. Then I was walking around the station and I walked into maints, finding another one of these welding tanks. As a joke I hovered my curser over the tank with the welding tool activated and it somehow clicked the and therefore exploding. 
Reason the ban should be removed:  My mouse is fairly old and does have clicking issues which is why I have problems using the UI in-game; this includes, putting the cigars, cigarettes, food, drink, oxygen masks and many other uses of the left click (very frustrating.) I know there is no way of proving my point but all I can say is the truth to try and resolve this. I just want to say that I am fairly new, I was loving the game and probably still will. I am still learning the game’s mechanics and specific rules that are not to be broken/violated. I have learnt my lesson due to the utter shame from my actions in game. I completely understand the warning and banning punishments of the game/discord. Though I do want to criticize the length of the ban being forever until appealed, personally I think it is a bit extreme according to my actions as a low-experienced player to the game to have a ban that is forever bound until sorted with administrators or moderators. Like I said I love the game very much and have been playing it daily with my friends, I would be extremely unhappy if I were not able to come back to the game with my minutes of experience on different roles if I were to create a new account. After this encounter with my first game ban on Space Station 14, I will not reenact my idiotic and clumsy-ness within game. Besides the point, I have just ordered a brand new mouse after very recently launching the one I had out my office window. (I’m struggling) if you want proof I can show you my amazon basket.  

I may have forgotten to put my user on it (I cant even tell I’m so tired) so —> YourNansTeethAreBrown

So Here is a copy of the relay message where you literally said you are going to do it again after being told not to.
There is also the fact that you moved to that location and turned on the harm mode with your keyboard too and then blew it up so we don’t buy the hardware issue story.

I see in your reason to remove section, you mention making a new account, I would advise you do not, as you will be voucher banned for ban evasion - A ban that is only removed from a voucher of good behavior from another server.
Giving some bogus hardware issue and saying you’re just going to ban evade are not particularly good reasons for us to unban you, I’ll give you some more time on the subject.

Appeal denied - You may appeal again no sooner than 2 weeks from now - 06/12/2023 (6th December).


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