[Zigeal] - Unlawfully over detained a person when I was still a Rookie Sec

Role(s): [Security and Head Roles]
Length of ban: [Was not told at the time (about a month at this point)]
Events leading to the ban: [I was a rookie Sec and one person was greifing so I detained them. Did not know the limits on time or punishment, just wanted to keep them locked up at the time. I was in talks with an admin during the event however I logged out as I assumed it would be a slap on the wrist and didnt want to finish a round after realizing I went too far with my punishment (perma without permission). When I logged back on I was banned from all sec roles and head roles, still not ever told why but I beleive its due to me going too far while imprisoning someone under suspicion.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Since the incident, I have mastered basically every other role, getting a feel for how and what sec should do. I have even been a loved Sheriff (the second most important role, basically HoS/Cap) on Frontier with no incident to the point of people actively being nice to Sec there. I have not been able to play sec for a month at least and feel I now have the knowledge to do it properly. I also want to make a difference on how sec is viewed, as up till that point I was a beloved officer for listening to the people up until that one event.]

I don’t see any recent issues and you seem to have a good outlook from the appeal.

If you do get a aHelp, best to check in with the admin if you have to leave mid conversation or there if there is more to discuss on the issue before leaving.

Make sure you read up on the sec specific rules before playing sec again:

Appeal accepted - ban removed.

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