Zombie limitations

The goal of zombies is to infect as many others as possible.

Power disruption generally interferes with this goal because zombies have to break through doors while crew can crowbar them open,  but it may be appropriate in some cases.

Zombies may break windows, break barricades, space areas, and break into departments, but should almost always prioritize infecting players that they’re aware of. A zombie should generally not be attempting to break through a barricade while an uninfected player is within reach.

Zombies are generally free to know the purpose of consoles and destroy them, but should keep in mind the rules about delaying rounds. For this reason, zombies should not destroy communication consoles.

With anything zombies do that results in player deaths, including spacing, zombies should keep in mind the “Don’t be a dick” rule and their goals. Zombies may space areas, but should avoid actions that result in prolonged periods between a player dying and being infected or revived.

Due to changes in how the mode works compared to when this clarification was made, this will be labeled as outdated until further discussion.

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