Zombie Space Fart Locomotion Suggestion.

No, I am serious. Hear me out.

Let zombies fart in space (corpse gas, I guess) so they can move VERY SLOWLY and not get stuck and end up like this right here.


honestly funny and cool idea


I would hope for a higher standard of content than kindergarten grade toilet humor

Did zombies getting stuck in space ever actually happen? Mechanically, the zombies already have the advantage of being immune to space by default, if the crew actually manages to suit up and use a spacewalk advantageously in a way that leaves zombies stranded and an easy target, I say good for the crew.

Ive always liked spessman gaming for its bleak humor and always found ss13’s obsession with fart jokes very tone deaf. I hope it doesn’t come to ss14 or at least in a very limited capacity.