Zombiedude101 - "Admitted to being under-aged in ahelp" > Banned for saying "I'm 12 and what is this" in ahelp sarcastically in response to another player attempting ERP

Username: Zombiedude101

Ban reason: "Admitted to being under-aged in ahelp"
Length of ban: Indefinite
Ban Issue:
I did not do what I was banned for

Vote Opt-Out: true

Events leading to the ban

Someone was trying to ERP with me as clown. Ahelped several times no response. Jokingly said “I’m 12 and what is this” while responding to said ERPer’s request to dominate them by making them dress up in clown garb and welding them into a locker. This was the person in question (taken from my phone, I usually play SS14 on my laptop which to say the least is a bit long in the tooth)

As per my discord appeal

Earlier in the day someone by the name of “Lea” was badly trying out some ERP when I was a clown and following me around. Naturally I joked in F1 that I was too young to understand this then proceeded to oblige Lea’s request to do anything they want by dressing them up in clown garb, giving them my banana (literally, to subvert expectations of dirty shenanigans) and welding them into a locker so they could annoy sec and be quarantined for the good of the station. No admins seemed to be about so I thought nothing of it.

A few mins before round ended as the shuttle evac’d and most of us were dead I posted a screen of one of the weird things they said earlier in the round and joked “she said I could do anything I wanted to her, so I dressed her up as a shrine maiden and welded her into a locker outside sec”

My conduct towards the ERPer was above board to be fair. I never spaced them. Dragged them to evac etc. They actually outlived me in that round because my game client crashed while I was next to the airlock at evac and some idiot crowbarred it ooen and spaced all the atmos.

Reason the ban should be removed

Editing now that I’ve had a night to sleep off the initial irritatione; I do still feel this ban is rather ridiculous, given this came off the back of a sarcastic comment in ahelp regarding an ERP troll stalking me. You’ve seen me accidentally post gardening videos before on the discord where the content preclude being a tween, I’ve mentioned family, partners, work, life responsibilities. Either due to a language barrier of lack of attention a misunderstanding has occurred, so to make it abundantly clear, I am not underage, and certainly not 12.

The ban was effected at least an hour after the statement because I played for another 60ish mins before having to drop for the night so I could help a disabled relative who cant walk on her own get upstairs, which suggests to me that someone with nothing better to do decided to trawl through logs and picked this out as a reason to ban me.

Above all else, “im 12 what is this” is a meme old enough that anyone who doesn’t recognise it would probably be considered underage for SS14 which, if one wanted to be facetious, would kinda imply that the admin team themselves weren’t old enough for the game. Or maybe I’m just showing my age (metaphorically, not literally) - I’ve been on and off playing SS13 since 2011

Look it up if you don’t believe me

Next time, please try speaking with someone first instead of acting with blind zealotry. Sec round removing me for tresspassing in the brig is OK, but this = permaban? Yeah, no. I do not feel that is really fair, proportionate or acceptable.

An apology would be nice too. If I seem belligerent it’s because I am, the ban rationale is atrocious.

Alternate Accounts


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Posted in the wrong appeal so reposting here;

If you require any form of proof, check here. The oldest comment on that account was from 2009

This is currently in vote discussion currently.
I want to give you a chance to reply to one of the major issues being discussed at the moment, of the subsequent edit in the wiki for security officer with content that contained slurs that ended in a wiki ban.
This is being incorporated in to the vote outcome of this appeal as a character reference.

Do you want to say anything further related to that or any other out of game issues?

Unless you can articulate further what you’re talking about, I can’t really help you with the question because I actually can’t view the wiki right now as it appears to be down, and nobody spoke to me on the wiki about the ban. EDIT: checked back a few hrs later and it’s up, can see the comment - I still can’t find any slurs though because the edit has been deleted?

The only edit I made to the wiki was to lift & shift (eg, copy and paste - sorry, semantics) the old /tg/station “shitcurity” guidelines to the Security Officer / Cadet pages, with a clear disclaimer that the list was satire, and was an example of things NOT to do, and because i’ve seen people genuinely perplexed at what “shitsec” / “shitcurity” means, and this seemed like a light hearted approach and a nod to the legacy of SS13. Here, see for yourself: Shitcurity - /tg/station 13 Wiki

What slur are you talking about here exactly? I’ve ctrl + f’d searching for the usual stuff that would be shitty to say (racial / homophobic) on that page that dickheads on hippie used to throw around and can’t find anything that I’d normally consider a slur, and as I said I mostly just ctrl + v’d the list, and made a few edits to remove references to things non-existent in SS14 like the gulag, ERT and AI. I was on a quick break at work at the time and bored, so I wasn’t massively paying attention to it otherwise and didn’t think much to it, so maybe you shouldn’t put too much weight. If there were any phrases left in there you’d deem offensive, I apologise and will happily crop them out - it was a matter of inattention rather than malice.

I actually wrote a couple but certainly not most of the shitcurity rules way back in 2011 > 2013, after countless rounds getting beaten by /tg/ shitsec for just existing as a clown around them. I always assumed the guide was meant to be a humorous example of what NOT to do, and I don’t think any of the stuff I authored contained offensive language

  • The clown is like a punching bag. He is meant to to be beaten without reason.
  • Clowns and mimes are abominations, they are to be humanely euthanized stunned, welded into lockers and spaced at all costs.
  • If all else fails and crime runs rampant, unleash the singularity to purge the station of criminals.
  • Due to their infinite nature, handcuffs are to never be recycled.

The actual disclaimer was to the effect of:

DISCLAIMER: This is not something to be emulated, but an example of what NOT to do as Security. Basically, whenever Security is doing something that in real life would get them fired, charged, imprisoned, sued, and/or charged as war criminals under the Geneva convention, they’re being Shitcurity. If you are shitcurity, expect people to try to robust you and deadchat to be whiny. Don’t be surprised if you ever get job banned from being a redshirt!

Also expect people to accuse you of being this even if you’re doing an alright job. There is no way to win.

Lots of times shitcurity officers may not be breaking rules. What makes most people shitcurity is a lack of understanding that certain actions can end/ruin a person’s entire round. Be nice! Instead of cremating a traitor, permabrig or borg them!

So I thought that would’ve made it clear that this wasn’t behaviour to be condoned but condemned.

All of this aside, the wiki edits are unrelated to the matter of my ban. I was erroneously banned under the incorrect assumption I was underage. I am not underage. I don’t see the need for a vote or a ‘character reference’ - my conduct in server is not questionable, I don’t interfere with anyone else’s round beyond the scope of my role (feeding meth bananas to the clown) and have generally tried to just enjoy the 2D spessman game, even when being harassed by would-be ERP troll. Trying to drag this out over what seems like a misunderstanding / simple human error seems inappropriate to me.

The matter of discord is being handled in my discord thread as I’ve been directed to do so. And again, I would like to reiterate that no harm was intended or done in either case.


Is there anyone who genuinely believes yhis below is anything but satire/a clear example of what NOT to do?

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This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to remove the ban.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • Do not think they are under age.
  • Caused a lot of trouble since joining.
  • Only one in-game issue in last 40 hours of gameplay.
  • Causing issues outside game on other related platforms, Wiki.

Appeal Accepted - Ban Removed.

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Added appeal-accepted and removed appeal-pending

I appreciate the unban but I would need to actually understand what issues I’m supposed to have caused, and what you’re meaning by trouble.

What was the ingame issue, the “im 12 what is this” comment?


I mean to be fair that meme is old enough that anyone who remembers it would NEED to be old enough to actually play on the server as it’s a 16yo meme