Zrainer - Griefing as drone, left during ahelp

Ban reason: ‘‘Griefing as drone, left during ahelp. Appeal on the forums.’’
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: I can’t recall. I remember playing when it was very early beta. There weren’t many many game machanics at that point. I don’t even know what is a drone. It is that small ship you can drive around?
Reason the ban should be removed: This was about 2 years ago, there were barely 15 players online at that time and pretty much everybody was messing around as there wasn’t much to do in the game. I don’t even remember being banned. I wanted to check out the state of the game now.

This appeal was put to a vote amongst the admin team and the resulting action was to unban you with immediate effect. I strongly recommend you re-read our rules as they have changed a lot since you were banned.

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