Zystical654 | Ban appeal for Wizards Den Lizard

SS14 account username: Zystical654
Ban reason: Wrote Kool Kids Klub Which sideways spelled KKK
Date of ban: 2023-04-11
Length of ban: Required Appeal
Events leading to the ban: I was going out on Tuesday to spend time with my father and his family, when i left we had my nephew 12 over here, i trusted him onto my computer and thought id let him have a small bit of fun on SS14 which led to me teaching him controls before i left, and when i returned i hopped on to play which i did for a little bit before going to sleep. Today, i woke up and have found this ban 
Reason the ban should be removed: I understand it was not known that my nephew was playing yet now that i do make light of this, i feel it is unfair to keep this ban, as it is judging me for the actions of someone whom is immature (Yes, he wont touch my PC again, Yes, i told him what the KKK was) 

Admin consensus is to deny this appeal.

Your account is  your responsibility.  You are responsible for actions on your account. The claim of your nephew knowing enough about the obtuse control scheme and the KKK to scrawl this phrase into the floor for the short time he was left to his own devices is dubious at best, especially when combined with the fact they knew enough about the game to suicide and ghost from their body five minutes after writing it.

You may appeal again in two weeks (April 28, 2023). 

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