Brainstorming: Regulation system for command

Currently command only has authority through roleplay, and their keycard access.

I currently want to work on a system which would allow command to impose “regulations” on their departments, or the station as a whole.

Those regulations could be predefined stuff, for example "Littering is prohibited. All trash must be properly disposed. These kinds of regulations could bring buffs, or debuffs to the station if followed.

Alternatively, they can also be custom regulations where the command member words it as they see fit. These do not actually have a non-roleplay effect, but are available for all affected crew to read.


Couple questions before I go any further into it:

  1. Where would these regulations be found? In the PDA? Just some notice board on a wall? If regulations are a thing we need some way for people coming on board mid-shift to be able to know and see them, let alone completely new players to the game. There’s no point in having something that people can’t easily find/see/know about.

  2. How are these enforced? Would the head of that department just simply give out warnings/strikes and/or demote them through HoP? Regulations would be nice, but if it’s the heads job to keep everyone in place via the regulations then after some time I bet people will forget about them and eventually no heads will use it.

Right now I’d say it’s simply easier to repeat myself over radio saying, “Hey, reminder, we are getting sec research first and then you can get whatever” as an RD. For your example, the same thing applies: “Hey don’t litter on the ground put it in the trash please I don’t run a zoo.”

Hmm, a kind of ‘department bulletin’ accessible to heads of staff could be interesting, give the chief engineer a way to say “this is the power we’re using” or “there’s a reported hole in [sector]” or “[engineer] is working on west solars, so we know where they’re at and no one else needs to go do those” through the PDA. Enforcement I feel is just an RP thing? Station-Wide regulations (also could be added to a bulletin of some sort) could be, per the regulation and it’s wording, be enforced by sec as laws or ordnances but outside of those sorts of things it seems much more like an RP centric mechanic. “You haven’t followed any of the regulations this shift so we’re demoting you” as an example, dunno what other kinds of consequences there could be but I’m sure people could think of some


I think some kind of “work order” mechanic would help more with workplace RP, right now, especially in engi, it is always chaos, people rarely call out what they do which leads to multiple people trying doing the same thing, or no one doing it.

So I would like a system that splits tasks to the department members, done by the Head or if absent maybe some predefined ones, like “set up AME” “set up solar north” or “get plasma for the chemist” “stock the medfab”

which would also open the door for non antag end of round summaries


1, It will probably be visible in a PDA app. We could allow them to print them out and put them in a notice board but that would require quite a bit more work. A pda app would be widely accessible, laws could also be announced similarly to station announcements.
2. With the most basic implementation, these would just be ways for heads to codify their decisions. A more advanced implementation could also have specific fields for punishments which security could enforce. A complete system would allow regulations to essentially function as minor objectives for the crew that they have to achieve which could bring bonuses to the station.


A problem with PDA apps: Borgs don’t have access.

Update - I discovered that we can use a pda if someone leaves a PDA on the ground, but if you want a Borg to have access, you will have to do something to offer them access.