Command department upgrades

So, as pointed out in Brainstorming: Regulation system for command Command members tend to have limited control over their departments. OP suggested letting command invoke “regulations” on their department, but I’ve got another idea that I thought would merit a separate thread.

Idea is to through some means - app, console, etc. allow the heads to enable “upgrades” that would benefit their department, but be a limited resource.
These upgrades would either make the existing equipment better in some way or grant access to more specialised gear.
Taking science for example, upgrading the anomaly generator in whatever way, but then missing out on a xeno scanner or protolathe upgrade.
Maybe even have those upgrades have built-in drawbacks in other areas to kinda hammer home the idea of the department now focusing on whatever the head chose to go for.

HoP would have upgrades for the service department as well as some station-wide upgrades befitting the station. Say, a remote-capable or portable ID console.
Captain would have access to some sweeping station-wide upgrades.

I feel like if done well, that could allow for some more round variety and more sense of agency for command.
What do you think?
Any questions?

Probably a little idea gay but in a similar vein, I could see department head having a handheld crew monitor that only tracks their department. Gives a reason for each Head to emphasize suit sensors to the rest of the department. Give them more responsibility for their subordinates. Allows a department head to seek out their subordinates and if they don’t have sensors on or loss of vital signs, department heads can involve SEC to investigate.

A department head’s crew monitor could be an antag goal. A moderately useful item to antags but at the same time, not a major threat to station security if one is misplaced, being only set to a single department.

Far as I know, this is the Thinking Queers forum, so you should be fine pitching your concept.
That said, I do feel like that idea might merit a separate thread.